Monday 5 August 2013

#013: E-I-E-Episode 013 with Farmer Paul

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Twitter: @PaulAggie

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Ange’s Back To School Meal Prep Class on Aug 24th at 12pm EST:

Canada’s Greatest Fitness Challenge:

Be The Change Challenge:
*note:  registration closes the 28th at 8pm :)

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The Only on King:

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Thinking Fast & Slow:

Links & Info from Farmer Paul:

And the angry mother who is speaking out in the U.S. I mentioned is Robyn O'Brien (third link YouTube video)

Our farmer food event for Saturday Sept 21 is and Twitter is @c-ktable for tickets and information

Food seminar follow myself, Chef Yoda (@yodathechef) or Jamie from Pristine Olive Tasting bar (@PristineOlive) or the shop is on 462 Cheapside St, London.

Our food can be found at The Only on King  (the really great food seasonal eating chart I believe I sent you two both a few weeks ago) (another interesting read on the science of gluten reactions) (finding good farmers to work with and support and for locating regional farmers markets)  (mother from U.S. who is upset and informed) (article from a former GMO scientist who left the GMO world when he started to think for himself)