Thursday 20 February 2014

#025: The best investment ever...YOU!

In this episode Ange & Gill talk about their upcoming retreat with Rich Roll + Julie Piatt, essential oils, meditation, have a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. throwback, & Gill has a dance party! They also talk about why they passionately believe why you should invest in yourself and they give tips they both personally do to fill their cups on a daily basis. #loveyourself 

  • Our TV show is 3 Episodes in...IIf you live locally in London, ON then please tune in on channel 13. Select segments will be avail to stream/watch online so we will post those as they are avail or if you have a Rogers account you can login HERE and watch the channel 24/7
  • Early Bird Pricing for our Holistic Health Diary RETREAT is on NOW until Feb 28th. So by the time our next episode airs - regular pricing will in effect. If you've been thinking of joining us for this special - day - don't wait to register! We are already 1/2 full and expect to sell out!
  • Ange heads back to West Palm for a little downtime after a busy couple of months. She'll be 'wording' with the awesome crew at the Palm Beach Crossfit while there. She'll also be sitting down to podcast with Audrey Sutton {the Yummy Yogini} about 'Being Whole rather than Perfect"
  • Ange shares her new love for doTERRA Essential Oils and how she witnessed the power of them over the weekend when her 2yr old was sick.
  • Gillian passed her comprehensive exams and shares her experience in presenting her research on Childhood Obesity and the role Professionals play in this.
  • Ange mentions an awesome article that Julie Piatt wrote on Mind Body Green about Creating Intimacy in Your Relationship
  • Ange + Gill share their favourite ways to take better care of themselves. And we want to hear from you! What is your self care gameplan?
  • Are you struggling with what to do to step up your #selfcare? Ange recommends doing this Dosha Quiz and implementing the recommendations specific to you!

Peace, Love + Pink Nails
The Girls.

Monday 3 February 2014

#24: The {not so} sweet truth about sugar with Dr. BJ Hardick

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we sit down with our friend Dr. B.J.Hardick to discuss everything you need to know about sugar - our top sweetner picks + the ones we use personally, the truth about aspartame, what "gooey liquids" we like, and so much more!! We also talk about our new show on Rogers, our upcoming retreat with Rich Roll + Julie Piatt, try B.J.'s yummy treats, and more!


We have 2 very exciting announcements this week:

  1. Our Holistic Health Diary TV Show launches this Tues, Feb 4th @ 7pm EST! If you live locally in London, ON then please tune in on channel 13. Select segments will be avail to stream/watch online so we will post those as they are available or if you have a Rogers account you can login HERE and watch the channel 24/7! 
  2. We announce our first Holistic Health Diary RETREAT!!! First offering will be a 1 day retreat Friday, May 2nd here in London, ON at the beautiful Bellamere Winery. Oh and did we mention that Rich Roll and his wife Julie Piatt will be our featured guests!! Registration will up be middle of this week with a special early bird price ;)
what a banana ACTUALLY looks like!!
Podcast Sweet Notes:
  • Gill shares the amazing highlights of her recent trip to Hawaii with @DavidWolfe and his Noniland. She planted her first #cacao tree!
  • If we called a spade a spade,  artificial sweeteners would be labeled as chlorinated carbohydrates...sounds so yummy right? #not
  • You need to be careful with the healthier sugars too (maple syrup, raw honey etc) It's not as gentle on the body as when you consume sugar in it's whole food state
  • Fructose {fruit sugar} is a problem because it's not metabolized by the muscle, it's metabolized by the liver.
  • Why the Glycemic Index of foods is not the only thing you should look at.
  • Gill has a hate on for Agave Syrup - learn why you might want to get off that train.
  • Have you heard about Durian Rider aka the 30 bananas a day dude?
  • Dr. B.J Hardick references this article on his website: Satisfying the sweet tooth without sugar
  • Here is that drool worthy Protein Bar recipe that Dr Hardick shared with us!
  • The Dr. recommends that you take a cold turkey approach with sugar for 2 weeks. Ange recommends bumping your proteins + fast to help with cravings
  • GreenMedInfo is a great evidence based natural health resource website

"If you were diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer today - wouldn't we go all Organic, wouldn't we start sleeping better, wouldn't we start doing more yoga...why wait?"
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