Saturday 26 July 2014

#033: POSITIVE pauses + letting it all sink in

In this episode we talk about why it's important to pause and let the good things in life really sink in. We reflect back on the podcast since the beginning {over a year and half ago}, and we talk about lessons and memories we've experienced along the way. As we enter August {and take that month as a podcast sabbatical}, we discuss how this is a really PAUSE-itive time to stop and reflect. We also chat about what we are going to do in the upcoming month and give thanks to all of YOU for joining us on this journey! Lots of silliness sprinkled into this on such as our fave Anchorman clip and Bryan Adams song {you may or may not hear us singing on this one}

What's one thing YOU are going to do to take a purposeful pause in August? Please share!! awesome is this!!??

Thursday 3 July 2014

#032: Making Sustainability Easy #RETHINK

E P I S O D E   O V E R V I E W

Sustainability is more about trees and whales, it's about US! In this episode we talk to Stephen Szucs from Sustainable Joes about making sustainability EASY for the "Average Joe/Jo". Stephen talks about the #RETHINK Tour - his trip on a solar and pedal powered trike from Canada to Key West amplifying the voice of sustainable change in an effort to create the world's largest sustainability network!

We talk about why we can't keep heading in the direction we are headed and expect to survive, following your passion, why it's important to feel the fear and do it anyway, what happens if you don't even try to fulfill your dreams, and how together we can move in sustainable direction. 

Head over to and make your #rethink pledge!
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U P D A T E S  +  S H O W N O T E S

Ange has been busy spreading the Essential Oil love all across London, Toronto + Niagara! If you're interested in learning  - join the Hol:Fit Essential Oils Facebook group and check the class calendar pinned to the top of the wall for all the FREE classes happening over the summer!

Ange also mentioned that the summer round of her popular program Eat Clean :: Get Lean is in full swing. The Fall dates have just been announced and will run from Sept 28 - Oct 26 and you can learn more + register here.  

If you're in the London area - consider competing in the Trail Cross Race on Sat, July 5th @ 9am. This race is for all levels and is a shorter distance but more intense track. Gillian will be there teaching about mobility {using her blue balls of course}

So we want to hear from you....what does sustainability mean to you?
Post your pledge on, take a screenshot and post it to our Facebook wall!