Wednesday 16 April 2014

#028: Carter Walls & Reaching Your Full Athletic Potential

On this episode we interview Carter Walls, owner and head trainer at the Sport Science Lab in London, Ontario.

We have a "next level" fitness talk with Carter about the scientific foundation behind the methodology he uses to train elite athletes {pro-hockey and football players, UFC fighters} or athletes with an elite mindset, how to ‘build’ athletes and athleticism, why heavy squats don’t contribute optimally to the athletic development process, how we can all be athletic and develop full athletic potential at any age, safety in training, how to train power/speed/explosiveness, crossfit + calluses, training in the water, running cones {like in this vid} and more!

{This episode also marks HHDiary history - it is the first time a guest sang part of their intro song!!}

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  • At the Sport Science Lab their slogan is: "We don't 'train clients'...we build perfect athletes!" They work primarily with athletes or those with the athlete mindset. 
  • When you look at athletes the ones that move the best dominate - and aren't necessarily the biggest. 
  • The SSL was inspired by the work of Marv Marinovich who's training systems have been designed and modified to precisely target and remediate areas of imbalance and weakness. Marv's diligent research and his reputation for the pursuit of athletic excellence have allowed him to continuously glean the most current scientific information available. 
  • One of the 10 Commandments of training that Carter shared with us: If the Russians are doing it ~ so should you! 
  • Carter mentions the book Supertraining 
  • What Carter was trying to get us to do during our workout: didn't quite look like this when we did this as depicted on our Facebook wall ;)

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Sunday 13 April 2014

BONUS EPISODE: Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Our first ever BONUS podcast is up!! Our exclusive interview with Gabriel Cousens, M.D., one of the world's foremost authorities on living food nutrition, holistic lifestyle, & complementary medicine was done completely in lotus pose! We talk about the path his life has taken, spiritual nutrition, divine behaviour modification, surrendering to your inner drive, spiritual fasting, how life truly is a love story, blending vs. juicing, his healing Tree of Life Center, & more!