Friday 28 March 2014

#027: Brian Cuban on eating disorders, addiction, body image, & mental health

The much anticipated podcast with Brian Cuban is up! Brian shares his struggles with eating disorders, addiction, body image, attempted suicide, his book Shattered Image, & more!

  • We were in Toronto last weekend for an awesome yoga session with David Regelin at Mula Yoga. We don't need to say much more about this  - you should just watch this video ;)
  • Tickets to the first Holistic Health Diary RETREAT are over 70% sold! We really hope you'll join us for this special day. And remember there are 2 pricing options so if you cant make full day - you can just join us for dinner and the keynote with Rich Roll. Registration closes on Sunday, April 27.
  • Ange launched a new event called Hol:Fit Healthy Bliss: a session experiencing doTERRA pure grade essential oils, green smoothies + health habits to optimize your awesomeness. The first one was held in St Catharines this past weekend. Next stop will be London on April 12th. More details to come! 
  • Gill will be speaking at Western's Exercise and Nutrition Symposium on Sat, April 6 from 9a-5p. Featuring awesome speakers such as Dr. John Berardi, Dr. Peter Lemon, Harley Pasternak,Graeme Thomas, Dylan Olver, Kristine Beaulieu, and Jennifer Broxterman!
  • We had the pleasure of sitting with Brian Cuban to learn about his journey and struggles with BDD. Some of the points he made that really stood out to us:
    • Fat shaming as a child impacted him through much of his adult life
    • His eating disorder began when he was 19 and lasted until he was 45....driven by his longing to be accepted
    • There was no context for him to understand what he was suffering with back then
    • Men are much less likely to receive treatment for an eating disorder despite the fact that 25% of all those with an eating disorder are men {2007 Harvard study}
    • Brian was afraid to look online for male eating disorders because he thought that he was the ONLY man dealing with this
    • Our memories are only memories of our memories...but the memories of Brian's childhood were negatively traumatic
    • There is no shame in seeking help....there are many resources today that didn't exist 50 years ago
    • Brian's mother was instrumental in his recovery because she was willing to understand the role that she played
    • Family is very important to Brian and the thought of losing him helped him make the shift when he had hit rock bottom.
    • Shame knows no hourly rate! Even when Brian was paying to see a shrink - he didn't feel like he could be completely honest. There was this brick wall of shame that had built over 30 years to tear down.
    • To truly have to drop that wall and take micro steps forward and realize that you are loved...and no one judged you!
    • You can purchase a personalized copy of Shattered Image through Brian's website. And please connect with him on: Facebook + Twitter

Tuesday 11 March 2014

#026:Holistic approaches & tactics to turn common challenges + struggles around

In this episode we share our personal "go to’s” when we are faced with common challenges and struggles – including sleep problems, fighting the first signs of a cold, sugar cravings, feeling unmotivated or tired, and digestive challenges! We also share authors that inspire us - and have our most epic bloopers ever {at the end}! 


Peace, Love + Be Crazy,
The Girls