Monday 16 June 2014

#031: SIMPLE Solutions for Modern Stresses

In this episode we talk about simple solutions for modern stresses.
You don't realize how much these constant little stresses add up in your day and just by applying a few techniques you can very quickly regain control! 

U P D A T E S:
Gill announces her new role on the advisory board at and talks about her experience guest hosting on HSN!

Ange's popular online program Eat Clean :: Get Lean starts back up Sunday, June 22. Program eBooks go out to all registered students this Thursday!
Ange also shared that she's teaching a few more Essential Oil classes {click the link to view the oils Facebook group and you'll find a calendar pinned to the top} through the month of June and will also be part of a presentation panel doing a whole FREE biz building session in Oakville

S H O W N O T E S :

Have you ever had a 'walking meeting?' We had one last week and it's what inspired the topic of this episode. Walking is so invigorating, increases cognitive function + is a great way to infuse more exercise into your day while being effective!

Does your inbox stress you out? We share tips to help organize your time, your inbox + that 'shiny key' problem a lot of us with smartphones face.

This is the eBook Gillian refers to about inbox help: Work Smarter, Rule Your Email. And might be a service worth looking into if you struggle with a large volume of emails daily. Do you check your email constantly? We chat about what this is a BAD idea.

We also talk about an awesome tip you can do to manage what comes onto your Facebook feed, why you shouldn't use your cell phone as your alarm clock and all those crazy notifications your receive on your phone.

Think about those tasks that are currently taking up time that you could be more efficient in such as:
Groceries: Have healthy groceries delivered to your front door (in London - Ange uses Eat Green Organics}
Note Taking: use Siri on your iPhone! We talk about a few ways to utilize 'her'

And we finish off talking about Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy - have you read that book? Take Ange up on her challenge!

Friday 6 June 2014

#030: Sexy by Nature with Stefani Ruper

In this episode we talk to trailblazing author Stefani Ruper {with a bottle of Menage E Trois Wine and a little dark chocolate} about her new book Sexy by Nature. We talk about how to trailblaze, nourish, live, overcome, and STRUT as well as what it REALLY means to be naturally sexy, Stef's personal journey to real health, why our culture celebrates discipline and restriction {and why that is backwards thinking}, and so much more!! 


Ange has several of Essential Oil + Wellness classes happening in the London area throughout June and webinars coming soon! You can join the Hol:Fit Essential Oil Facebook Group and message Ange at to chat oils!

Ange's Online Detox is currently running - you can join the detox and do it on your own time through HERE 

And the next 4 week {online} Eat Clean :: Get Lean Program starts June 22: Register Here


We connected with Stef because she saw our podcast picture on Abel James’ Facebook feed one day and we wanted to hook up and chat about her book that just came out, Sexy By Nature.

A bit about Stefani:
She is an Ivy league chemist, international go go dancer, nat’l renowned eating disorder counsellor and the author of the book Sexy By Nature: the whole foods solution to radiant health, lifelong sex appeal and souring confidence. She holds degrees from dartmouth college and boston university.

What does the word sexy mean to you? Stefani defines it as “something that lives in the space between you and other people…but it starts with you. Sexy is about being excited in your body.”

A few years back - Stef cared more about being pretty than anything else. And with that - came a loss of menstruation, acne and loss of sex drive. Stef also talks about the differences in how she is treated by socially from when she was at an unhealthy weight vs her healthy weight now

Some inspiring bites:
“We walk around all day so afraid of what other people think of us..and this stops us from doing things. We can be confident and unafraid and feel good in our skin. We need our health to feel good.”

“Your body has been trying to be healthy its whole life.”

“Health is not the end…it’s the means.”

“All of our security about how we look and what people think of us - creates a world full of fear”

Stefani offers online coaching and you can connect with her on her Website,  Twitter and Facebook