Tuesday 17 September 2013

#015: The Health Butterfly Effect

In this episode we announce our first iTunes review winner & answer a listener question - how to lead a healthy life without the support of those around you. Gill & Ange share their personal experiences, some of their fav inspirational quotes, and each give practical 3 tips to for those who want to be healthy even when the rest of the house doesn't.

Show Notes
iTunes Review Prize Winner: Austin (please contact us so we can send you your prize!) #winning

Gill’s yoga class at Adrenaline (Friday nights at 6pm): http://www.adrenalinemma.ca

Squatty Potty (& episode on gut health coming soon): http://www.squattypotty.com

Canadian Digestive Health Foundation: http://www.cdhf.ca

Pure Raw Food Bar Collingwood: http://www.purefoodbar.com

What are GMO’s: check out our podcast #009 with Zach Schieck 

Monday 2 September 2013

#014: The superhuman interview with Ben & Jessa Greenfield

Featuring Ben & Jessa Greenfield

Announcing 2 NEW Contests:
1. Rate & Review us on iTunes – we will pick one review each podcast and read it on the podcast (and give the person a swag bag of prizes!!)
2.  Like us & spread the love on Facebook – “like #1,000” will win a prize!

Show Notes...

Adrenaline (where Gill’s new public yoga class is held Fridays at 6pm): http://www.adrenalinemma.ca

Chopra Yoga Centre Toronto: http://www.choprayoga.com/toronto/

Sweat Equity Magazine: http://www.sweatequitymagazine.com

Liana Louzon Photography: http://www.lianalouzon.com

Ange’s Back to School Webinar + eBook: http://www.powhow.com/videos/hol-fit/--326

Ange’s New Mama Workshops at Rebirth: http://rebirthwellness.ca/node/212

Smashfestqueen (our IronGirl gear): http://smashfestqueen.com

Hilary Biscay (upcoming podcast guest in the fall): http://hillarybiscay.com

Dave Aspry (Bulletproof Coffee): http://www.bulletproofexec.com
•           Dave on Creative Live: http://www.creativelive.com/courses/bulletproof-life-dave-asprey

Talking 20 (Ben’s Gold Card Program): http://www.talking20.com

Direct Labs (top 10 tests for women-test that Jessa took): http://www.talking20.com

Heart Map Institute (coherence technique Ben does every morning): http://www.heartmath.org/free-services/tools-for-well-being/quick-coherence-adult.html

Heart Rate Variability Explained (How Ben & Gill track their training): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMDQ_uEuIek