Wednesday 5 November 2014

#036: Growing Into Grace with Mastin Kipp from The Daily Love

In this episode, We talk about finding your purpose, facing your deepest fears, the hierarchy of power, how to follow your bliss, "spiritual brats", spiritual entertainment, Mastin's non-negotiable health habits and MORE! 
Make sure you tune into the last 5 minutes of this pod...we promise you it will be your daily LAUGH ;)

Connect with Mastin here:
Twitter @ MastinKipp
Facebook @ Mastin Kipp
Buy his book HERE
Get more Daily Love HERE

U P D A T E S:

Gillian is spending a week in New York attending an event with the Dalai Lama, supporting the New York City Marathon with Barefooters and has been sharpening her spring water hunting skills. 

Ange is excited for Halloween and shares the strategy she uses with her kids to keep this fun day healthy. {Check out her blog post on it here} candy fairy poem

Also if you're on Instagram - check out Ange's upcoming Hol:Fit Holiday Blitz - a daily product giveaway from Nov 17 - 30th!!

On Dec 14th - Ange will be joining Rita Catolino and Dr. Carlen Costa on stage for the second Women's Empowerment Series. Tickets on sale now HERE

I N T E R V I E W:

Mastin Kipp was in Toronto for his last stop on his Growing Into Grace tour and Gill caught up with him to interview him for the podcast.

Mastin: is the founder of that serves soulful inspiration to new generations. Oprah dubbed him as 'an up and coming thought leader of the next generation of spiritual thinkers.' His mission is to connect people back to what makes them happy. Because happy people make better choices and better choices make for a better planet. How awesome is that!!!

AND.....We have a signed copy of his book to giveaway!!!

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What is one way that you show love to yourself?

Monday 6 October 2014

#035: How do YOU tell your fear story?

What story do YOU tell your fear? 

In this episode we talk about what we did on our "summer sabbatical" + which books we read during it. We also talk about having fear, being fearless, & the science/biology of fear. We chat about the power of how we tell fear stories, what makes us feel afraid, strategies we use to show courage in the face of fear, & we end with the best quote ever! #befearless
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S H O W N O T E S:
We’re Back!!! 
We had a great time taking some downtime in Aug + Sept to be with friends + family and focus on projects we want to give our attention to over the fall months. 

We share a few updates:

  • Ange's updates:
    • The Fall session of Eat Clean :: Get Lean starts Oct 12 and runs until Nov 9th. There's still time and only a few spots left to register. Here's the link to learn more + register
    • Want to learn more about using pure essential oils to up level your health + self care? Over 800 wellness advocates have joined the Hol:Fit doTERRA team in the last 6 months - come on out to a free class to learn why. Here's Ange's essential oil class calendar
    • If you're in London - Ange is co-hosting a DIY essential oil + self care night this Friday, Oct 10th. Tickets avail here.
    • Want Ange to come teach to you and your friends? Message her at to set it up!

  • Gillian's updates:
    • Gillian was recently interviewed on the #WellnessBizSummit with Lori Kennedy. You can listen to the full interview here!
    • Gillian was honoured to be the keynote speaker last week at Bustin' Out and delivered a speech titled “Above all, be the heroine of your own life” This topic inspired us to have some conversation on the podcast about fear....

We talked about strategies we both use in the moment to breathe into fear and move towards it. Fear can really hold us all back from being our best and living life full out. And much of fear comes from the little stories we tell ourselves and give our power to. 

We are both inspired by this quote from Marianne Williamson: 


So we want to hear from you! What is an effective fear busting strategy you use when necessary? Post to  our Facebook wall!

Peace, Love + #nofear,
The Girls of HHD

Tuesday 5 August 2014

#034: Gratitude & The Five Minute Journal with UJ Ramdas

In this episode we talk about the simplest, most effective thing YOU can do everyday to be happier with The Five Minute Journal co-founder UJ Ramdas. It's been proven over and over again that shifting your focus to the positive can dramatically improve your happiness. The key is consistency. This journal has been created by combining the proven elements of positive psychology that can make all the difference in your life.

We talk to UJ {from Bali} about how the journal was created, why you need a toothbrush for your mind, how important routines are, walking meetings, positive psychology, how to solve the problem of a scary blank page when journaling, why you should never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious mind, and how + when a gratitude practice can change your life. 

**To save some green, use the promo code HOLISTICHEALTHDIARIES at the checkout when ordering from :) 

S H O W N O T E S:

We are taking a summer sabbatical the month of August and don't have much going on....on purpose. Hope you're all enjoying your summer so far!

UJ Ramdas is passionate about bringing together practical psychology and business to create a better world. With a background in Behavioural science, Marketing and Hypnosis, he's consulted with (several hundred) clients, bringing them from confusion to clarity. Currently based out of Toronto, Canada, he's a big fan of the wilderness, eastern meditative practices and a good cup of tea.

The 5 Min Journal is the simplest, most effective thing you can do everyday to be happier.

We love this quote by John C Maxwell {one of the quotes in the 5 Min Journal}: “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine."

It's this idea of really cultivating your happiness...that yeah there are those people that seem to just always be happy but it really needs to be something that's practiced. 

"Never go to sleep without a request of your subconscious mind" ~ Thomas Edison

We are not the only ones that adore The 5 Min Journal - check out this YouTube review by Tim Ferris:

Saturday 26 July 2014

#033: POSITIVE pauses + letting it all sink in

In this episode we talk about why it's important to pause and let the good things in life really sink in. We reflect back on the podcast since the beginning {over a year and half ago}, and we talk about lessons and memories we've experienced along the way. As we enter August {and take that month as a podcast sabbatical}, we discuss how this is a really PAUSE-itive time to stop and reflect. We also chat about what we are going to do in the upcoming month and give thanks to all of YOU for joining us on this journey! Lots of silliness sprinkled into this on such as our fave Anchorman clip and Bryan Adams song {you may or may not hear us singing on this one}

What's one thing YOU are going to do to take a purposeful pause in August? Please share!! awesome is this!!??

Thursday 3 July 2014

#032: Making Sustainability Easy #RETHINK

E P I S O D E   O V E R V I E W

Sustainability is more about trees and whales, it's about US! In this episode we talk to Stephen Szucs from Sustainable Joes about making sustainability EASY for the "Average Joe/Jo". Stephen talks about the #RETHINK Tour - his trip on a solar and pedal powered trike from Canada to Key West amplifying the voice of sustainable change in an effort to create the world's largest sustainability network!

We talk about why we can't keep heading in the direction we are headed and expect to survive, following your passion, why it's important to feel the fear and do it anyway, what happens if you don't even try to fulfill your dreams, and how together we can move in sustainable direction. 

Head over to and make your #rethink pledge!
Follow Stephen on Twitter, Facebook + YouTube

U P D A T E S  +  S H O W N O T E S

Ange has been busy spreading the Essential Oil love all across London, Toronto + Niagara! If you're interested in learning  - join the Hol:Fit Essential Oils Facebook group and check the class calendar pinned to the top of the wall for all the FREE classes happening over the summer!

Ange also mentioned that the summer round of her popular program Eat Clean :: Get Lean is in full swing. The Fall dates have just been announced and will run from Sept 28 - Oct 26 and you can learn more + register here.  

If you're in the London area - consider competing in the Trail Cross Race on Sat, July 5th @ 9am. This race is for all levels and is a shorter distance but more intense track. Gillian will be there teaching about mobility {using her blue balls of course}

So we want to hear from you....what does sustainability mean to you?
Post your pledge on, take a screenshot and post it to our Facebook wall! 

Monday 16 June 2014

#031: SIMPLE Solutions for Modern Stresses

In this episode we talk about simple solutions for modern stresses.
You don't realize how much these constant little stresses add up in your day and just by applying a few techniques you can very quickly regain control! 

U P D A T E S:
Gill announces her new role on the advisory board at and talks about her experience guest hosting on HSN!

Ange's popular online program Eat Clean :: Get Lean starts back up Sunday, June 22. Program eBooks go out to all registered students this Thursday!
Ange also shared that she's teaching a few more Essential Oil classes {click the link to view the oils Facebook group and you'll find a calendar pinned to the top} through the month of June and will also be part of a presentation panel doing a whole FREE biz building session in Oakville

S H O W N O T E S :

Have you ever had a 'walking meeting?' We had one last week and it's what inspired the topic of this episode. Walking is so invigorating, increases cognitive function + is a great way to infuse more exercise into your day while being effective!

Does your inbox stress you out? We share tips to help organize your time, your inbox + that 'shiny key' problem a lot of us with smartphones face.

This is the eBook Gillian refers to about inbox help: Work Smarter, Rule Your Email. And might be a service worth looking into if you struggle with a large volume of emails daily. Do you check your email constantly? We chat about what this is a BAD idea.

We also talk about an awesome tip you can do to manage what comes onto your Facebook feed, why you shouldn't use your cell phone as your alarm clock and all those crazy notifications your receive on your phone.

Think about those tasks that are currently taking up time that you could be more efficient in such as:
Groceries: Have healthy groceries delivered to your front door (in London - Ange uses Eat Green Organics}
Note Taking: use Siri on your iPhone! We talk about a few ways to utilize 'her'

And we finish off talking about Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy - have you read that book? Take Ange up on her challenge!

Friday 6 June 2014

#030: Sexy by Nature with Stefani Ruper

In this episode we talk to trailblazing author Stefani Ruper {with a bottle of Menage E Trois Wine and a little dark chocolate} about her new book Sexy by Nature. We talk about how to trailblaze, nourish, live, overcome, and STRUT as well as what it REALLY means to be naturally sexy, Stef's personal journey to real health, why our culture celebrates discipline and restriction {and why that is backwards thinking}, and so much more!! 


Ange has several of Essential Oil + Wellness classes happening in the London area throughout June and webinars coming soon! You can join the Hol:Fit Essential Oil Facebook Group and message Ange at to chat oils!

Ange's Online Detox is currently running - you can join the detox and do it on your own time through HERE 

And the next 4 week {online} Eat Clean :: Get Lean Program starts June 22: Register Here


We connected with Stef because she saw our podcast picture on Abel James’ Facebook feed one day and we wanted to hook up and chat about her book that just came out, Sexy By Nature.

A bit about Stefani:
She is an Ivy league chemist, international go go dancer, nat’l renowned eating disorder counsellor and the author of the book Sexy By Nature: the whole foods solution to radiant health, lifelong sex appeal and souring confidence. She holds degrees from dartmouth college and boston university.

What does the word sexy mean to you? Stefani defines it as “something that lives in the space between you and other people…but it starts with you. Sexy is about being excited in your body.”

A few years back - Stef cared more about being pretty than anything else. And with that - came a loss of menstruation, acne and loss of sex drive. Stef also talks about the differences in how she is treated by socially from when she was at an unhealthy weight vs her healthy weight now

Some inspiring bites:
“We walk around all day so afraid of what other people think of us..and this stops us from doing things. We can be confident and unafraid and feel good in our skin. We need our health to feel good.”

“Your body has been trying to be healthy its whole life.”

“Health is not the end…it’s the means.”

“All of our security about how we look and what people think of us - creates a world full of fear”

Stefani offers online coaching and you can connect with her on her Website,  Twitter and Facebook

Tuesday 20 May 2014

#029: Because baby steps move mountains feat. Rich Roll, Julie Piatt + YOU!!

In this episode we recap the 1st Holistic Health Diary RETREAT featuring special guests Rich Roll &  Julie Piatt .We recount the day with gratitude and are so excited to share what YOU had to say about making little shifts that equated to big change in your own life. 

Thank you to all our guests on this show - peace, love, + community! 
And search #hhdretreat or visit our Facebook Page to see lots of awesome pics shared from the day!

S H O W  N O T E S:

We open up describing our 'love hangover'

Ange has several of Essential Oil + Wellness classes happening in the London area throughout May/June and webinars coming soon! You can join the Hol:Fit Essential Oil Facebook Group and message Ange at to chat oils!

Stay tuned for the Hol:Fit Hippie Recipe eBook launching end of May on

Join Ange/Hol:Fit for the next {online} Ready Set Glow 7 day DETOX starting June 2: Register Here
And the next 4 week {online} Eat Clean :: Get Lean Program starts June 22: Register Here

Gillian was in Florida last week and shares some of her adventures on the golf course, visiting the Sponge Museum and the Dali Museum. Any golfers want to weigh in on this swing?

You’ll soon learn {or watch} why Gillian was there - stay tuned!!

Thank you to the following people for creating an awesome shopping + connecting experience for our guests:

Four Sigma Foods for supplying Mushroom Tea

Raw Juice Guru nourished us with their delicious fresh juices

Habitual Chocolate swooned us with their dark chocolate fountain

 Kelly from Happy Rocks Holistics talked holistic beauty + curating products

 Desi from Desi’s Boutique brought her amazing retail items for our guests to shop 

Dawn from Raw Elements brought her amazing assortment of products for our guests

Barefooters was on site creating happier feet

Rok Cork had a display of beautiful Eco Friendly Sustainable products

Tiny Devotions brought a large collection of Malas, Stacks + Scarves including our new Intention Bracelets!! You can purchase Gill + Ange's bracelets now online!

We are also thrilled to say that we meet our goal of sponsoring a classroom through Growing Chefs!!!

We chatted holistic beauty at the retreat - here’s the clip Ange referenced during the day and on the podcast:

For those that couldn’t attend our retreat + hear Rich speak - about 25 min into the podcast, we share what the highlights of Rich’s keynote were for us

And Rich’s beautiful wife, Julie Piatt closed the night with a touching performance.
We end this podcast with montage of several of you sharing your thoughts on how BABY STEPS MOVE MOUNTAINS. These are some real Gems - ENJOY!!!

Wednesday 16 April 2014

#028: Carter Walls & Reaching Your Full Athletic Potential

On this episode we interview Carter Walls, owner and head trainer at the Sport Science Lab in London, Ontario.

We have a "next level" fitness talk with Carter about the scientific foundation behind the methodology he uses to train elite athletes {pro-hockey and football players, UFC fighters} or athletes with an elite mindset, how to ‘build’ athletes and athleticism, why heavy squats don’t contribute optimally to the athletic development process, how we can all be athletic and develop full athletic potential at any age, safety in training, how to train power/speed/explosiveness, crossfit + calluses, training in the water, running cones {like in this vid} and more!

{This episode also marks HHDiary history - it is the first time a guest sang part of their intro song!!}

or on Libsyn
  • We're going to be at the Green Living Show April 25 - 27 at the Sweat Equity Stage and we've got a ticket for you!! The first 20 people to mention our upcoming retreat on their Facebook walls (with a tag to us) will be sent a free ticket! 
  • And this is the final podcast before our RETREAT DAY is here!!! We really hope you'll join us for this special day. And remember there are 2 pricing options so if you cant make full day - you can just join us for dinner and the keynote with Rich Roll. Registration closes on Sunday, April 27 so don't miss out! We're doing daily posts to our HHDiary Facebook wall to build the excitement! 
  • At the Sport Science Lab their slogan is: "We don't 'train clients'...we build perfect athletes!" They work primarily with athletes or those with the athlete mindset. 
  • When you look at athletes the ones that move the best dominate - and aren't necessarily the biggest. 
  • The SSL was inspired by the work of Marv Marinovich who's training systems have been designed and modified to precisely target and remediate areas of imbalance and weakness. Marv's diligent research and his reputation for the pursuit of athletic excellence have allowed him to continuously glean the most current scientific information available. 
  • One of the 10 Commandments of training that Carter shared with us: If the Russians are doing it ~ so should you! 
  • Carter mentions the book Supertraining 
  • What Carter was trying to get us to do during our workout: didn't quite look like this when we did this as depicted on our Facebook wall ;)

Connect with Carter Walls on Twitter + Facebook

Sunday 13 April 2014

BONUS EPISODE: Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Our first ever BONUS podcast is up!! Our exclusive interview with Gabriel Cousens, M.D., one of the world's foremost authorities on living food nutrition, holistic lifestyle, & complementary medicine was done completely in lotus pose! We talk about the path his life has taken, spiritual nutrition, divine behaviour modification, surrendering to your inner drive, spiritual fasting, how life truly is a love story, blending vs. juicing, his healing Tree of Life Center, & more! 

Friday 28 March 2014

#027: Brian Cuban on eating disorders, addiction, body image, & mental health

The much anticipated podcast with Brian Cuban is up! Brian shares his struggles with eating disorders, addiction, body image, attempted suicide, his book Shattered Image, & more!

  • We were in Toronto last weekend for an awesome yoga session with David Regelin at Mula Yoga. We don't need to say much more about this  - you should just watch this video ;)
  • Tickets to the first Holistic Health Diary RETREAT are over 70% sold! We really hope you'll join us for this special day. And remember there are 2 pricing options so if you cant make full day - you can just join us for dinner and the keynote with Rich Roll. Registration closes on Sunday, April 27.
  • Ange launched a new event called Hol:Fit Healthy Bliss: a session experiencing doTERRA pure grade essential oils, green smoothies + health habits to optimize your awesomeness. The first one was held in St Catharines this past weekend. Next stop will be London on April 12th. More details to come! 
  • Gill will be speaking at Western's Exercise and Nutrition Symposium on Sat, April 6 from 9a-5p. Featuring awesome speakers such as Dr. John Berardi, Dr. Peter Lemon, Harley Pasternak,Graeme Thomas, Dylan Olver, Kristine Beaulieu, and Jennifer Broxterman!
  • We had the pleasure of sitting with Brian Cuban to learn about his journey and struggles with BDD. Some of the points he made that really stood out to us:
    • Fat shaming as a child impacted him through much of his adult life
    • His eating disorder began when he was 19 and lasted until he was 45....driven by his longing to be accepted
    • There was no context for him to understand what he was suffering with back then
    • Men are much less likely to receive treatment for an eating disorder despite the fact that 25% of all those with an eating disorder are men {2007 Harvard study}
    • Brian was afraid to look online for male eating disorders because he thought that he was the ONLY man dealing with this
    • Our memories are only memories of our memories...but the memories of Brian's childhood were negatively traumatic
    • There is no shame in seeking help....there are many resources today that didn't exist 50 years ago
    • Brian's mother was instrumental in his recovery because she was willing to understand the role that she played
    • Family is very important to Brian and the thought of losing him helped him make the shift when he had hit rock bottom.
    • Shame knows no hourly rate! Even when Brian was paying to see a shrink - he didn't feel like he could be completely honest. There was this brick wall of shame that had built over 30 years to tear down.
    • To truly have to drop that wall and take micro steps forward and realize that you are loved...and no one judged you!
    • You can purchase a personalized copy of Shattered Image through Brian's website. And please connect with him on: Facebook + Twitter

Tuesday 11 March 2014

#026:Holistic approaches & tactics to turn common challenges + struggles around

In this episode we share our personal "go to’s” when we are faced with common challenges and struggles – including sleep problems, fighting the first signs of a cold, sugar cravings, feeling unmotivated or tired, and digestive challenges! We also share authors that inspire us - and have our most epic bloopers ever {at the end}! 


Peace, Love + Be Crazy,
The Girls

Thursday 20 February 2014

#025: The best investment ever...YOU!

In this episode Ange & Gill talk about their upcoming retreat with Rich Roll + Julie Piatt, essential oils, meditation, have a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. throwback, & Gill has a dance party! They also talk about why they passionately believe why you should invest in yourself and they give tips they both personally do to fill their cups on a daily basis. #loveyourself 

  • Our TV show is 3 Episodes in...IIf you live locally in London, ON then please tune in on channel 13. Select segments will be avail to stream/watch online so we will post those as they are avail or if you have a Rogers account you can login HERE and watch the channel 24/7
  • Early Bird Pricing for our Holistic Health Diary RETREAT is on NOW until Feb 28th. So by the time our next episode airs - regular pricing will in effect. If you've been thinking of joining us for this special - day - don't wait to register! We are already 1/2 full and expect to sell out!
  • Ange heads back to West Palm for a little downtime after a busy couple of months. She'll be 'wording' with the awesome crew at the Palm Beach Crossfit while there. She'll also be sitting down to podcast with Audrey Sutton {the Yummy Yogini} about 'Being Whole rather than Perfect"
  • Ange shares her new love for doTERRA Essential Oils and how she witnessed the power of them over the weekend when her 2yr old was sick.
  • Gillian passed her comprehensive exams and shares her experience in presenting her research on Childhood Obesity and the role Professionals play in this.
  • Ange mentions an awesome article that Julie Piatt wrote on Mind Body Green about Creating Intimacy in Your Relationship
  • Ange + Gill share their favourite ways to take better care of themselves. And we want to hear from you! What is your self care gameplan?
  • Are you struggling with what to do to step up your #selfcare? Ange recommends doing this Dosha Quiz and implementing the recommendations specific to you!

Peace, Love + Pink Nails
The Girls.

Monday 3 February 2014

#24: The {not so} sweet truth about sugar with Dr. BJ Hardick

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we sit down with our friend Dr. B.J.Hardick to discuss everything you need to know about sugar - our top sweetner picks + the ones we use personally, the truth about aspartame, what "gooey liquids" we like, and so much more!! We also talk about our new show on Rogers, our upcoming retreat with Rich Roll + Julie Piatt, try B.J.'s yummy treats, and more!


We have 2 very exciting announcements this week:

  1. Our Holistic Health Diary TV Show launches this Tues, Feb 4th @ 7pm EST! If you live locally in London, ON then please tune in on channel 13. Select segments will be avail to stream/watch online so we will post those as they are available or if you have a Rogers account you can login HERE and watch the channel 24/7! 
  2. We announce our first Holistic Health Diary RETREAT!!! First offering will be a 1 day retreat Friday, May 2nd here in London, ON at the beautiful Bellamere Winery. Oh and did we mention that Rich Roll and his wife Julie Piatt will be our featured guests!! Registration will up be middle of this week with a special early bird price ;)
what a banana ACTUALLY looks like!!
Podcast Sweet Notes:
  • Gill shares the amazing highlights of her recent trip to Hawaii with @DavidWolfe and his Noniland. She planted her first #cacao tree!
  • If we called a spade a spade,  artificial sweeteners would be labeled as chlorinated carbohydrates...sounds so yummy right? #not
  • You need to be careful with the healthier sugars too (maple syrup, raw honey etc) It's not as gentle on the body as when you consume sugar in it's whole food state
  • Fructose {fruit sugar} is a problem because it's not metabolized by the muscle, it's metabolized by the liver.
  • Why the Glycemic Index of foods is not the only thing you should look at.
  • Gill has a hate on for Agave Syrup - learn why you might want to get off that train.
  • Have you heard about Durian Rider aka the 30 bananas a day dude?
  • Dr. B.J Hardick references this article on his website: Satisfying the sweet tooth without sugar
  • Here is that drool worthy Protein Bar recipe that Dr Hardick shared with us!
  • The Dr. recommends that you take a cold turkey approach with sugar for 2 weeks. Ange recommends bumping your proteins + fast to help with cravings
  • GreenMedInfo is a great evidence based natural health resource website

"If you were diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer today - wouldn't we go all Organic, wouldn't we start sleeping better, wouldn't we start doing more yoga...why wait?"
You connect with Dr. B.J.Hardick on this Website, on Twitter and on Facebook